About ExchangeRatesApi.io

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ExchangeRatesApi.io began as a simple REST API to allow developers to add currency exchange rate data to their applications. The API has been a trusted data source for millions of developers around the world. ExchangeRatesApi.io is now proudly part of apilayer, a company that provides developers with powerful data and conversion APIs.


ExchangeRatesApi.io provides access to 170 global currencies and over 14,000 exchange rate conversion pairs. Both historical and real-time exchange rates are available with a data refresh rate as often as 60 seconds. Time-series and fluctuation data are also available based on your specific needs.

What separates ExchangeRatesApi.io

In addition to a powerful, light-weight exchange rate API, ExchangeRatesApi.io is backed by apilayer to provide a support team dedicated to helping you successfully implement the API and answer any questions you have during the process. The team is committed to providing a stream-lined implementation experience, and is constantly improving the product of this API and the rest of apilayer's free and premium products.

ExchangeRatesApi.io can be implemented in any application using any programming language. Get Your Free API Key