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Obtain real-time, accurate and reliable currency exchange rate data for hundreds of worldwide currencies, updated as often as every 60 seconds.

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Our API is integrated with a number of highly reputable foreign exchange rate sources, offering the most recent and accurate rates for 200+ pairs.

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Make use of a scalable infrastructure that can handle anything from a few requests a day up to thousands of API requests per second.

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Our foreign exchange rate data API will give you instant access to a host of valuable currency pairs right from the start.
    "success": true,
    "timestamp": 1620386223,
    "source": "GBP",
    "quotes": {
        "GBPAED": 5.109727,
        "GBPAFN": 107.750768,
        "GBPALL": 141.659078,
        "GBPAMD": 725.255305,
        "GBPANG": 2.496633,
        "GBPAOA": 909.923974,
        "GBPARS": 130.481869,
        "GBPAUD": 1.789173,
        "GBPAWG": 2.503947,
        "GBPAZN": 2.357994,
        "GBPBAM": 2.253445,
        "GBPBBD": 2.808295,
        "GBPBDT": 117.867727,
        "GBPBGN": 2.253678,
        "GBPBHD": 0.524384,
        "GBPBIF": 2747.310462,
        "GBPBMD": 1.391082,
        "GBPBND": 1.851765,
        "GBPBOB": 9.589957,
        "GBPBRL": 7.344636,
        [supporting 200+ currencies ...]

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